2001 Nissan Maxima Q&A

2001 Nissan Maxima Question: check engine light returns a wheel speed sensor issue.

How does the wheel speed sensor cause a check engine light. If it does should I replace the sensor? -
Answer 1
yes replace wheel speed sensor, it sounds like it is going bad, believe it or not, the wheel sensor does alot -
Answer 2
The engine computer needs to know the vehicle speed, and the wheel speed sensors provide that info for the computer. -
Answer 3
put a computer on find what is wrong and witch speed sensor is bad -
Answer 4
Is it a code for a wheel speed sensor or a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)? VSS would cause a check engine light failure would result in loss of Speedometer and cruise control. A scan tool or oscilloscope is needed to check each wheel speed sensor. -
Answer 5
You need to pinpoint which sensor is bad and yes it should be replaced. Each one acts as a speedometer to the ECM so if one is different or out it will kick the light on... -