check engine light ( p0300 ) on 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS

my car is reading p0300 code supercharger 2.0 can any one help me not sure what it is . it reads misfire in cylinders not sure which one thank you

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PO300 is a random or multiple cylinder misfire, it is not assigned to a particular cylinder like a P0301, PO303, PO304 ect which identifies which cylinder is misfiring. A professional grade scan tool offers freeze information as to information valid to when the fault occurs and allows you to read and monitor live sensor data without having to do intrusive testing. The misfire could be caused by too many things either related to ignition components, fuel quality or fuel mixture.
my car is wasting a lot of fuel woyld that be the cause i also heard about bad catylistic is that true thank you