Check engine light on. When light went on and stayed on the code is PO455 ? on 2008 Dodge Avenger

Check engine light on.When light went on and stayed on I took it to the shop and they hooked up the OBD tool and the code was PO455 EVAPORATOR EMISSION CTRL SYSTEM how much would it cost to checked out and fixed? Thanks for any help!

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Well you live in CA so you have to fix this problem. Here in Florida we have no emission testing. So here it's no big deal.
If it was here I would say around $200 to $300. There I have no idea.
Did you take it to a real ASE certified shop or a parts house to get the trouble codes?
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This is an emission related code that may require us to smoke your system to locate a possible leak.
Check your gas cap first for possible damage if not the diagnostic starts at $99.
You can call us at 858-271-8006