Check engine light ON in Honda City on 2008 Honda Element

I have a 2008 Honda City ZX Model (India). recently the check engine light started glowing. during the cold start at the time of starting the engine all lights goes off, however when the engine gets slightly heated and the Blue CF engine lights goes away the check engine yellow light comes on. After covering approx 3-4 kms when youagain turn off the engine and restart the check engine yellow light disappears and never comes backuntil the vehcile is again back to a cold start. what could be the issue. is it something major or minor. what could be an approximate cost

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have codes scanned at auto zone for free and post so we can adv
Just did it a last evening, the service guy says according to the error code its throttle problem and needs replacement. the sooner i get it replaced the better as if i delay the engine may start malfunctioning if not attended to within a reasonable time frame.
did the service guy say what it needed does it need a tps
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Was this one produced for the american market? An Element and a "City" are two different powertrains and 'American Honda' doesn't even list that (City ZX) as an available model over here. Unless converted to meet U.S. specs , software may not even be compatible? Just curious...Google lists it as comparible to the 'FIT'?
have the vehicle scan tested for codes
Yes nothing came up. did a refresh of the settings, but still the check light signal comes on
Is it solved? Please advice me, getting the same problem with my honda city.
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