Check Engine light on continuously on 2007 GMC Envoy

We have already had the fuel level sensor failure problem fixed and have replaced the gas cap when the check engine light would come on intermittantly. Took the car to the shop for maintencence and they could find nothing wrong that would cause the check engine light to be on, so they reset the light. Subsequently, the light came back on (incidentally right after we hit a pothole) and has been on ever since. Any one else have this experience?

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something IS wrong seek a 2nd opinion, they are missing something
Fixed yet??
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Don't hit potholes and go to a different shop.
Thanks, genius. My thought is that since the work done to repair the fuel level sensor, we have a loose connection, thus resulting in the check engine light coming on due to an impact. Glad you saw the need to be condescending, rather than helpful.
I stand by my original reply. I've seen one sloppy 'fix' often cause other problems , and the real fix is to bring it to a shop that gives a damn about what they do and their reputation.
I have the same problem after repair. Did they have to drop tank again to fix it?
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