Check engine light on along with traction control and vsc traction control light on 2001 Toyota 4Runner

Have a fuel smell when 4runner is parked, not while driving. It drives fine but the check engine light and traction control light and vsc traction control lights. I just put it in the shop just wondering if it's the EVAP system maybe? And if I should've reset the computer before putting it in the shop? My wife took it to Autozone they put a scan tool on it. They said it had codes, no specific codes, referring to some part of the fuel system.

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you will have to give us the code numbers so we can diag further
I have the same thing right now. This came after a really heavy fuel smell and Toyota said I had a crack or nick in one of the fuel lines. They dropped the tank and repaired the problem for $650. and the fuel smell was not as bad but didn't go away. The three lights came on 3 days later. They said I have an emissions leak. Seems to me this was all one problem that should have been fixed. They didn't give me the code. Any thoughts?
we still need the current codes to diag further
I have the same exact issue and my codes are p0440 & p0442. We have tried 2 new gas caps, replaced all the valves on the evap system including the canister, and replaced the filler neck on the tank. My mechanic knows there is a leak because the system won't hold a vacuum and the leak is so small it isn't showing up on a smoke tester. It runs GREAT and still gets good mileage. Please help, thanks