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2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Question: check engine light on

my monte carlo check engine light came on and it stayed on. i'm trying to figure out what is wrong because i had got my oil changed last sat on time and i keep the maintence up on my car. -
Answer 1
You will have to hook up a scanner to pull the diagnostic code and diagnose the problem. In most cases it's not due to the oil change or related to maintenance. The check engine light is telling you that there is something wrong with the emissions system on your vehicle. -
Answer 2
The check engine light will, yes, tell you about any emissions problems, but also, in my case, will come on if the sensors think your coolant is too cold for sustained motor operation. try to hook it up, get some codes, and see what they mean. -
Answer 3
my 02 had a check engine light on once...and i really didnt know what was wrong at the time...computer code read cylinder mis-fire. tune-up took care of it...get your car scanned. -
Answer 4
I have a 2003 Monte 3.8 V6. Engine light kept coming on after resetting it due to a bad evap solenoid in the emmissions system. Easy fix. -
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