Check Engine Light On on 2002 Toyota Camry


I bought a 2002 Toyota Camry with 100,000 miles on it. 1 week after I bought it, Check Engine Light came on. The car had passed emission test only 2 days before.

I got the car inspected for Check Engine Light problem and mechanic told me that we need to change Catalytic converter.

I drove the car for about 2 months and then took the car for oil change. Mechanic suggested Transmission Fluid flush and fuel air induction service.

I did it and Check Engine Light disappeared. I drove the car for another week and then it came on again.

Do I really need to change Catalytic converter or problem is something else?


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It depends on what the code is that is coming up from the check engine light, and the results of testing. It's hard to say - but certainly a catalyst can be measured as "inefficient" intermittently - in other words, the code may take some time to reoccur due to constant monitoring of the exhaust gases before and after the converter.

My suggestion would be to get a second opinion and have someone else verify the converter is the issue.
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Cat converter code has no relation at all with flusing the trans fluid.
There are several ways to verify the cat is bad besides check engine light catalytic converter code. A good garage or mechanic with the prober tools can test and verify converter failure. There are several factors that can effect converter failure. Not allways converter failure such as P0420 code means you have a bad one.
my opinion the car has 100.t milles may be you habe oil lick inside the engine thats wy light came on because your catalytic converter and 02 sensor need to be replaced if you dont want to expent money wiht this drive your car ones atime on the express ways for cauple hours to clean your catalytis and sensor ....good luck
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