check engine light on on 2000 Cadillac Seville

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The "check engine" light comes on and sometimes goes off. Lately it has been staying on. The diagnostic code comes up with 10 different codes. How can you tell which one it is without having to check each one?
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I would have to see the codes listed. To have so many codes either a common power or ground to several sensors or the computer has high resistance, the computer may be at fault of you have damaged wiring (inspect the wiring for rodent damage, abrasion, burned wires ect.....). Start the engine let it run. Wiggle the wiring harness and see if the engine suddenly runs rough, if so closely inspect the electrical connections and harnesses where you were touching when the idle speed changed or engine ran rough.
A check engine light that intermittantly comes on tells me at times the computer is happy with the test it did at times, and others it is not satisfied with it's test results.
The codes could be related. May, but I doubt it, have just one problem.
If I were you, I would clear the code. Then drive the vehicle until the check engine light comes on. Immediately check the code, It will then tell you what was set. Now, this may be the tip of the iceberg, there may be, once the problem is properly repaired, more codes to come.
Would look at all codes,and check the worst one's. Some codes will triger others.Do you know what the codes are thanks Brian