Check engine light is on and code reads P0089.. on 2007 Volvo S40

so we replaced the Fuel pressure sensor and cleared the code but its the light came back on.. Ive don some research (which is pretty hard to do with these dang volvo's lol) and it could be a clogged fuel line, bad filter, or may need a whole new pump :( any answers or advice for me?! It'd be much appreciated.. ohh and the milage is at 73K I've only had her for a few weeks and the light turned on an hour after I signed the papers :(

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Check your fuel injesters see if maybe one is not working properly
I'm definitely going to check that out as well as the rest of the fuel system.. Do you think it's bad to be driving it right now? I dont want to cause any more damage..
To the garage should be okay but no long trips,