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2004 Mazda Mazda6 Question: check engine light is on

what could be wrong -
Answer 1
Here is a run-down of what causes the check engine light and what may be causing it: http://repairpal.com/check-engine-light -
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Last night I had the check engine light go on and AT flash on the dashboard, this is the first time the check engine light has ever gone on. I have 72000 mile on the car, and have had no problem at...
While driving the it felt like it wasnt getting any gas and would shake and felt boggled down till I hit second gear. Had engine light code read and said it was spark plugs. Replaced them and engin...
the pulsation occurs when applying brakes to stop and the check engine light is on or it blinks on and off.
I had some work done in order to clear the check engine light and also to pass the emission test. On the repair report the mechanic said the check engine light may come on again and that it would r...