2000 Mercury Mountaineer Q&A

2000 Mercury Mountaineer Question: check engine light is on

when stopped at light car idles rough . ckeck engine light is on -
Answer 1
sounds like you have some missfires. take it to a pro and get it checked so you dont damage the cat converter. Roy -
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The check engine light stays on. I had a cam shaft sensor installed, how do you reset the on-board computer? I want to pass emissions.
Check engine light stays on-what is causing this?
codes ran on computer said cam postition sensor was bad- replaced 2 times incase first was bad- is still chugging when trying to run heat or air.
Check engine light came on in November, early, was on sporadically for much of trip (975 miles) from NJ to Fla and has been on full-time since. Ethanol the culprit?? Thanks