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2000 Mercury Cougar Question: Check engine light is on

I have been told this could be a "tube" stoped up in the motor. Has anyone had this problem before? The codes are T0420-CAT and t0401 EXTT or EXH GAS -
Answer 1
Can you provide us with the code that caused the light to come on? Are yo talking about an EGR tube? -
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The codes are T0420 and T0401 -
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The P0401 code can be from a plugged EGR tube or port, however I don't know if that will cause the P0420 code. Here is some info for both of the codes: http://repairpal.com/OBD-II-Code-P0401 http://repairpal.com/OBD-II-Code-P0420 -
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