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1996 Buick Riviera Question: Check engine light is on. 145,000 miles (burns no oil or leaks.)



, Madera, CA, November 03, 2011, 11:33

scanner code is PO102. I replaced the MAP sensor with an AC-Delco part.Also checked wiring harness & connector(O.K) Light did not go off.
Problem, car has a tendacy to hesitate at around 60 mph. Does not die & no MISFIRE.Transmission is O.K.
At times, Car has a tendacy to stall at idle.
Replaced the following:
Spark Plugs & Wires (AC Delco)
MAP Sensor(AC Delco)
Mass Airflow Sensor(AC Delco)
New Fuel Pump
New Fuel Pressure Regulator
New Fuel Filter
New PVC Valve
Oil change & filter
Cleaned fuel injector plugs
Cleaned Throttle body
EGR Valve(AC Delco)
Replaced coil packs(3)
Replaced all vacuum lines & checked for vacuum leaks(O.K.)

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    The Auto Shop, Inc. (24 Answers) , Lakewood, CO - (303) 900-5764
    autoshopco November 03, 2011, 13:10

    Ia have seen O2 Heator wireing cause problems like this check connectors and wiring because looks like you have done the normal repairs

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    , November 04, 2011, 10:28

    Thanks for your reply. I did get a o2 heater code 6 months ago, I replaced the o2 sensor with a AC-Delco type & the code went away.
    one of the mechanics I talked to said that he had a buick riviera, like mine, & it was the trottle control sensor but was not throwing any code. Is this a possibility?

    Thanks for your help.


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    , November 04, 2011, 16:41

    I guess that it is possible as it is in the sistem, I just haven't seen that problem, just make sure all MAP compomnets are on it and good connection are good

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