Check engine light has been on for over a year I was told Ignition Control Swit on 2007 Ford Taurus

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I was told the Ignition Control switch could be bad Am still making payments so Ive taken it 4 times to the dealership for its under repair warranty The car will sit for days in the lot but the mechanics can't find a problem & the light is never on for them to see Less than 24 hrs after getting the car back the light is back on I don't have a credit card so I have to make payment arrangements with the dealership I was told to trade in the car but I just have 4 payments left As a single parent I can't afford to have a payments 4 another 5 yrs
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There are two codes: P0420 and Po430 and the "air bag light" on the control panel also flashes, but the flashes only when the car is being driven; never when it's stopped, so I can't catch the number of times it flashes. Sorry for a late response, my work hours have changed. Thank You so much for helping.
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