Volkswagen Jetta Problem Report

Volkswagen Jetta Check Engine Light Due to Ignition Component/Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure

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Due to an ignition component and/or engine coolant temperature sensor failure, the Check Engine Light may illuminate. Replacement of the failed component will be necessary to correct this concern.

Coolant System malfunction. It was only the water temperature sender. It is a $15 part and a 10 minute fix if you want to do it yourself. It is very easy. You will probably pay a couple hundred bucks if you take it to the shop. -
check engine light has come on the code read p2181 which is cooling system malfunction. I have changed the ect sensor but still have the engine light on. -
CEL - changed the temp sender, but still have the problem -
my car would not pass smog, the check engine light goes off and on, now my car will not start. -
Service engine soon light was lit, dealer determined the problem and replaced the temperature sender. -
Leak found in coolant temp -
Ignition light stays on n -
my car would have very rough start ups and at first i figured it was bad spark plugs until i researched it and found out it was a faulty coolant temp. sensor, after replacing the car no longer has rough start ups and i maintain regular 3 month maintanance -
Replaced fan, thermostat, and coolant. -
Had the water pump and timing belt replaced and have been back numerous times because check engine light keep coming on. Have changed the temperature sensor and still come on.. -
I repaired at dealership -
My temp gauge goes up to 190 then drops back down on it's own. -
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