Buick Lucerne Problem Report

Buick Lucerne Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

check engine light came on and stays on and yet the dealer can't find anything wrong. -
On a trip to Florida week of 22 Nov 10, after fillup the message "tighten Gas Cap" kept coming up. I tightened it and then it went away until the next fillup. This week, I have the Check Engin Light on and then sometimes it will come up with the "Tighten Gas Cap", but the check engine light still stays on. I am on the 3rd gas cap. Two from Buick and 1 from Avanced Auto. Now I am told that I need to run the car 7 times to get rid of the check engine light. -
Check gas cap came on occasionally. Replaced gas cap and problem returned. I replaced the purge control valve (ac-delco part 214-1473,reset the computer and the problem has been fixed. The purge valve was not sealing when "closed" which would be similar to a bad gas cap. -
gas cap warning light comes on sporadically even after the gas was filled 4 days earlier. The engine warning light comes on and doesn't go off unless you reset it. -
Took it back to where I purchased it and engine light stayed off one week -
Got error from car. Replaced no more error. -
Car – light indicator states to tighten gas cap. The gas cap can't be tightened any further therefore the light is still on and I don't know what problems will come out of this is not repaired -
Check engine light illuminates after refueling, can correct bt playing with the gas cap. Takes a few miles (or starts) before the light goes out. -
I have to reset gas cap when engine light comes on - which causes the engine light to go off. -
Engine light, tighten gas cap. -
engine light comes on ..checked the gas cap is very loose..will not tighten -
First i got a "tighten gas cap" error message then after about a week i started getting check engine -
checked gas cap , retightened it with no results, later (150) miles the light went away upon starting the engine. -
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