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Saturn Vue Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate. At this time, RepairPal cannot confirm a recall for this gas cap issue.

check engine light comes on about every 10,000 miles, i'm on the 4th gas cap - is there anything else that can be adjusted? -
Same issue. Also have problems filling tank with gas; backs up like it's full when it's not. -
Check engine light has been on due to emission system. Unable to find solution -
Mechanic at the shop says it is "vapor lock" due to a loose fitting gas cap that trips the sensor. I have to have the stupid light reset every 3,000 miles when I have my oil changed. -
Check Engine light comes on ALL the time from the gas cap not sealing properly. The two codes earlier in the thread are the same ones I keep getting. I finally just bought an OBDII code checker for about $30 and I reset the light myself as well as verify no other codes are popping up. Replacing cap doesn't seem to solve the problem for long if at all. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated to alleviate what is mostly a nuisance at worst. -
Found the problem to be the gas cap but not until I got the correct one for my truck. They make two gas caps for the 04 Vue depending on the flapper inside the filler neck. If you look and its a plastic one then you need the correct cap for that one if its metal then you need the correct cap for that one. Problem was corrected from then on. -
Yes, the gas cap will cause the light to come on. Replace it when you get the light to see if that is the problem. -
check engine light comes on and stays on. Stopped for a while when I replaced a worn gas cap, but now comes on randomly, escpecially after i get gas. -
Check engine light on; gas cap loose and turning freely, rather than "clicking" to lock. -
My check engine light would come on also because of the gas cap, but by replace the cap it stopped. -
engine light due to gas filler cap. -
check engine light on. gas cap tightened. -
Out of the blue, my emission light came on. -
How do I get rid of check engine light for gas cap. I replaced the gas cap and light is still on -
Check engine light stays on Had oil change and now it will NOT go off -
I am on my 3rd gas cap. However I also have a idiot light (check engine) that comes on an remains on but does not register any codes in the computer. -
Check engine light comes on and won't shut off. I have taken my car to two places and they cannot find any problems. I have changed the gas cap, but used a "genuine" Saturn approved replacement part. It's driving me CRAZY -
Haven't fixed it yet. Engine light came on 2 months ago, went off, I had some maintenance on it before vacation, now we're 1200 miles from home and the light came on again. Calling a dealership in the morning! -
This is the 2nd time I have had to replace my gas cap. I don't remember my mileage the first time it was replaced. -
Check Engine light due to Gas Cap Issue -
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