Chevrolet Malibu Problem Report

Chevrolet Malibu Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

drivers info center has check gas cap message on it. I checked gas cap it was tight and heard the 3 clicking sounds. I still am getting message of check gas cap on the driver info center,I purchased a new gas cap . I am still getting message and it tripped the check engine light. OBD TESTER, is giving code of P0449. -
fuel gauge bounces around after 3/4 take ,then my check engine light comes on and stays on.Did go out once but not now -
Check engine light stays on due to the gas gauge. -
Full tank of gas but registers empty and engine light comes on. -
car ran rough after refueling and check engine light came on. took off gas cap and retightened and solved the rough running engine and check engine light went off after a couple of days. happened again and replaced the gas cap and no more problems. -
Gas cap could not be tightened and check engine light came on and wont'go off. will have to go by dealership now. It's always something. -
The check engine light came on after replacing the fuel pump they said it was my gas cap. Turned out they didn't reconnect some tube when fuel pump was replaced. I was getting gas fumes inside the car on occasiona also. -
Replaced the cap and the problem was solved. -
My car just recently started sending a "check gas cap" message long after the gas cap has been opened. It has not been repaired. -
gas cap vibrates loose and makes check engine light come on. Bought new cap and it still does it. Even with a lock gas cap. -
After tank is filled, fuel gauge goes to empty and engine light comes on. It does this for a few days and finally clears up. Chevy people say it needs fuel level sensor replaced (1000.00) -
at times the engine light will turn on, only to find out the gas cap is not properly placed, after gassing up. -
The check engine has stayed on for 2 months. Gas cap has been changed twice and fuel grade has been upgraded. Still the check engine light is On. -
Tried replacing with several different types of new gas caps. Works for awhile then not and have to replace the gas cap again ! I dont think the problem is a poorly fitting or worn gas cap! -
My check engine light is on as well, and when I had it checked the mechanic said it was the gas cap. -
Engine light came on. Checked gas cap and took it off, put it back on. Light went off 2 days later. It came on again this morning. Took the gas cap off and it doesn't stay in kind of ratchets but not really and it just falls right out. Haven't fixed it yet but tomorrow will get a new cap. Definitely the original one is totally worn out. -
Wencourage bought new gas cap, took it to the dealer and they ran it through test to see why the evap code was continously coming up, but couldn't find anything and determined it was the gas cap. The cap was replaced with a brand new cap and light still on. -
Check engine light would illuminate on occasion. Carried it to shop and was told it was a worn gas cap. Replaced gas cap. Never came on again. -
Started getting messages to tighten the gas cap. I would check it but it never was loose. After 3-4 weeks the check engine light came on. OBDII said it was a bad gas cap so I replaced it with the first aftermarket cap I could find. Engine light never did go off. Started reading on the internet and found out that the gas cap has to be OEM or it will not work. When I compared my new cap to the original cap, which I had not yet discarded, I saw that they were really different. I took the "new" cap back and got a refund. No OEM cap was available so.....I got some mineral spirits and a microfiber cloth and cleaned the gasket on the original cap. I got a lot, and I mean a lot, of black residue off the gasket. I also cleaned the filler neck where the gasket makes contact. I put the original cap back on the car and within 10 miles the check engine light went off. Voila, problem fixed. I hope this saves y'all a bunch of $$$. And, yes I am from Texas Y'all. -
Continuous light check engine when all I needed was a new gas cap -
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