Buick LeSabre Problem Report

Buick LeSabre Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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Illumination of the Check Engine Light may be the result of a loose or worn gas cap.

Service engine soon light came on this past march, (2012) took car in, they sanded off some rust where the gas cap screws on, worked fine until two days ago service engine light came back on...taking it back in tomorrow...any suggestions? -
i had the same issue and i wouldnt pass inspection because of it... i went to an auto repair and the guy said he had to suck the air out of my tank and never came on since and thats been like last November -
THE GAS CAP WAS THE PROBLEM ALL THE TIME. i BOUGHT A REPLACEMENT COP AT pEP bOYS AND CHANGED IT MY SELF when I had the engine oil and filter changed. Wheeew! That problem went away. I previously heard horror stories about having to have smoke tests to find a system air leaks and several others which are HUGH money maker evaluations that draw the unsuspecting car owners to buy into these false claims. BUYER BEWARE! -
Service engine soon light until gas cap is screwed on again. -
The check engine, and also the gas cap loose, indicators have come on in the last ten days or so. I haven't panicked so far since this is my fourth occurence. Being kinda ignorant I first took it to my friendly Buick dealer where I bought it used in October 2006, with 28000 miles on it. They were kind enough to diagnose the problem, for a whole bunch of money, & give me a new gas cap for about $500 or so. It took two trips. That lasted for about 11 1/2 months until, oops, here it is again. this time they only charged me about $150. They told me it went bad before the 1 year warranty period expired, but I had put 15000 miles on my car in the last year, so there was no warranty coverage. I guess those were 15000 really hard miles on that gas cap. Needless to say, I'm selling my Buick. I give up. I'm buying something made in Japan (or Korea) or wherever. This is just the short form of my Buick experiences. I never did tell you about my entire gear shift, linkage & all, falling apart. But for what it's worth, I'm outta here! See ya! Bob -
check engine light came on - took it in to mechanic - code indicated gas cap seal failure - new gas cap cured it for a month or so, now the error code is back and won't go away -
Happens about once every couple weeks, will sometimes go off after I get gas but will sometimes stay on for weeks -
I have this same issue -
forgot to put gas cap back on when I left the gas station and while driving I noticed my Check Engine ligt was on. My mechanic check it out with his guage, reset the Check Engine light and told me to make sure I always put the gas cap back on and click it "Three 3 times" before I put the key back in the ignition. He told me "no charge, I'll get you next time". I tipped him a $5 and haven't had any problems since. -
bought car with 49kmi..within a month the check gas cap light came on , ended up reading poses and purchased a new cap -- light went off -- a month later it is back on.. -
I replaced the gas cap cause they auto part store said I need a new gas cap so thats what I did -
Gas Cap light has come on. I tighten gas cap and it want go out. Check engine light is on. Car may need an electrical check. -
check engine lite,replaced gas cap and it went away -
My engine light came on stating the gas cap wasn't tight, after replacing the gas cap, the problem went away for about 3 starts problem came back. Our dealer also sent a different code, work for a couple starts, problem again came back. Found out there was a little pin hole in the gas sleeve At a tune of over a 100 bucks to get it fix.... Now my problem is my drivers sided back door doesn't lock all the time, whether i use the lock button inside the car or my lock on the key... I'm beginning to hate this car, this is the 3rd lasabre we've own over the past several years had no problems with the other ones.... -
Occasionally check engine light goes on due to the gas cap. Sometimes the cap tightens down better. -
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