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GMC Acadia Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

GMC Acadia Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Average Mileage: 63,883 mi (10,300 mi - 100,000 mi)


A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

  • Visitor, , 54,000 mi

    so far, the only thing being talked about with the service center is a diagnostic check for $95 to tell me what the issue is. then it will be on to parts and labor. come on GMC, you can do better!

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  • Visitor, , 100,000 mi

    I think that is what is wrong now.

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  • Visitor, , 90,000 mi

    Got a new gas cap

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  •  Rookie

    first loose gas cap indicate warning light came on then the check engine light ca
    Me on

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  • Visitor, , 40,000 mi

    Gas cap had not been properly tightened to "locked" position, unbeknownst to me. My check engine light came on, and my awesome mechanic figured out the gas cap was causing it (without charging me a dime).

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  • Visitor, , 89,000 mi

    Check engine light comes on. Replaced original gas cap with a locking gas cap, light turns off and stays off. Can't stand the locking gas cap. I removed the gasket on the original gas cap, turned it around and put it back on the cap. Put the original cap back on. Light stayed off for about a week. Then it came back on. Tried the locking cap again, light would not go out. Played around with the gasket on the original cap and got the light to go out again. I am now looking for an OEM cap to replace the original with.

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