Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue on Chevrolet Uplander

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 102,267 (26,432–172,000)
4 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
65 people reported this problem
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"check gas cap" warning keeps coming on. After getting gas I retighten the cap several times. The warning light stays out for couple of miles before coming on again.....and again. Mean while the engine warning light is always on.
Gas cap light coming on, checked and tightened the cap and now the engine picture light is on...I see I am not the only one with the issue. Does anyone report any stalling or other running issues, Now I am afraid to drive the van which has been wonderful up to now. It runs fine for me with the exception of having to pump the gas occasionally after it has been started a few times during the day.
anytime i fill it up the fuel ,it wont start right away,
light came on said check gas cap i did it was tight now check engine light on, wont start after you put gas in it dies at random points, ran computer scan said air leak in gas line
If the the gas cap is not screwed back-on VERY tightly, the CHECK ENGINE light comes on & the gas guage goes crazy. Just turn it SEVERAL times when closing & that seems to do it just fine! If it does go haywire the computer takes about 24 hours to reset.
check gas cap message went on and know the check engine light is on.
The van was purchased new and at 18,000 miles the engine light started coming on and stays on. I changed the gas cap, but light still stayed on. My husband had this vehicle as a company van. He told the dealership over and over that light stays on while it was under a fleet or lease plan, but they never corrected it. I have tried to talk to dealership, but they said they can't help me because it has too many miles. It is kind of strange that 161,000 miles of the 172,000 they serviced it, but they never took care of the problem. The dealership has records of everything even 7 complaints of engine light staying on, but like I said they never corrected it.
Whenever i fill the tank with gas my check engine light comes on for about a day then goes off. I haven't had it fixed. Just a weird little quirk. Also the indicator on the gas tank goes to empty right after I fill up then slowly goes up to full by the next day.
I replaced the gas cap and still the same problem. I only had since January 16,2015
Check gas cap warning comes on followed by check engine light. Tried cleaning and or tightening gas cap and it goes off for a while but then comes back. Will replacing gas cap correct the problem or is it something else.
My engine light is on at all times - when plugged into a diagnostic machine it says to check my gas cap. I did and nothing is wrong with it. The light stays on ALL the time now. Whenever i fill the tank with gas my check engine light comes on for about a day then goes off. It actually goes off after about 30 miles driven. I haven't had it fixed. Just a weird little quirk. Also the indicator on the gas tank goes to empty right after I fill up and stays on until about 30 miles driven then slowly goes up to full. I also have ding ding dinging on both of the sliding doors. They will not stay shut unless forced or closed manually. I learned the hard way you cannot ignore. Left over night it ran down the battery. If you disconnect the battery it will reset the dinging will stop (until you open the door again!) Also the heater in the drivers seat has been fixed 3 times only to quickly go out again. within the first 4 years!!! This vehicle should not have been put out on the market!!!!!!!
failed inspection after reset tte engine light
check gas cap keeps blinking and dinging
I've had this problem many times. Just check the cap and wait for the code to clear.
engine light on changed gas cap didn't help
Everytime I fill up with gas low fuel comes on and then the check engine light comes on. I drive it to work and back. Take the cap off and ususally the next time i start it the check engine light goes off.
Gas cap issue.
Gas cap will not seal correctly all of the time and cause the check engine light to come on.
The car just stop running.I Did not get a diagnosis test as of Oct. 25, 2014. old gas cap. and who knows what.
I have bought two gas caps from auto zone and neither fixed the problem for very long. I need a Chevrolet gas cap...