GMC Canyon Problem Report

GMC Canyon Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

(24 reports)

Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

I have the same problem with the gas cap -
rough idle and engine would gas cap and problem was fixed. -
I am buying my 4th gas cap. original lasted ~95k, two after market failed during next 60k. -
Check engine light... ..turned off after replacing gas cap.. ... came on again.. months later.. not fixed with another gas cap.. Check engine light is on again.. Going to have diagnosis done.. but Terrified of being 'sucked into' the nightmare of "single woman.. unknown problem" .. gotcha.. with Mechanics..!!! Mass air flow sensor? OMG.. not the catalytic converter!! -
check engine light on -
check engine light comes on after a few miles of driving -
My engine light comes on and my engine idles rough, but as soon as the light goes off (randomly) the engine runs fine. The gas cap light comes on my dashboard warning me the it is not secured, I twist of the cap and put it back on, sometimes this will trigger the warning to go off and everthing is fine. That would be wonderful it that was all it was. I am replacing my plugs, air filter and fuel filter to see if these contribute to the light being on. -
Replaced gas cap -
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