Pontiac G6 Problem Report

Pontiac G6 Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

For months now the dash will beep and flash "Check Gas Cap", we've changed the dang thing twice now and this still keeps coming back. Only happens after we clear the code and then gas is put in, and it does not just go on and off, it stays on until the code is cleared again, then stays away until gas is put in. Annoying to say the least... -
I've put grease around the ring of the cap, replaced the cap (twice) and light still comes on .... now I see why this was the last year for G6's to be made ... sheesh -
"Check Engine Light" stays illuminated when car is on. Replacing gas cap did not fix problem. -
Tried tightening cap deal and same results. Replaced cap and same results. Had AutoZone read codes and cleared. Code was gas cap. After clearing lasted 2 days! Very annoying, don't know if I have another problem (with gas cap crap, check engine light; or a real problem). Now I do a search and find many other people having same problem. This the only real problem I have had with the car and love scoot power of the V6 when I need it,along with 30+ MPG! Looks to me like a design flaw whether intentional or not! Beginning to wonder about and I am going to check for a recall or service bulletin. -
Not fixed yet...... 2 gas caps ( aftermarket and 1 factory cap. I get the chweck fuel cap and then the check engine light. Now what? -
Replaced Gas Cap, Service Tech has already smoke checked. They can't find anything yet the light is still on. Sometimes can't start in the morning. -
Replaced gas cap twice, lines checked for vacumm loss, sensor replaced, still having the issue -
gas cap comes loose and have to open and close and then it will engine check light goes off. Then the next day or two it does the same thing. Have replaced it once and will try and replace it again. Crazy. How or why does it always work it self loose? -
Check engine light will come on due to issue with gas cap -
.Engine light keeps coming on after putting gas. Took it to dealer no problem found. Car has lot of highway mile but runs excellent . -
Cap warning light and now engine symbol is on. Gas guage goes all the way to empty when on 1/4thh of a tank. Today the car stalled and cut off like I ran out of gas, I had to pull over and then I restarted the car and Drove it but gas guage went all the way down to empty! -
I bought my 2005 Pontiac G6 used. One day I put a CD in the player and it didnt work. My CD is still stuck in it. Then right after that happened. (minutes after)My "check gas cap" light came on. I pulled over checked it. It was on. The gas cap seems like it is worn out. I dont know. Its hard to get it off and on when getting gas. Gonna get a new cap and see if that works. I also noticed that when I start it I have to rev the gas so it starts. -
engine light comes on intermittently, usually within a few miles after getting gas -
2 gas caps and new purge valve still same problem -
The gas cap issue seems to be recurring. I'm on my 3rd one in 2 years. So fed up with the check engine light due to this. -
The first time the "check gas cap" appeared on the dash, I immediately got out of the car and made sure that the cap was securely tightened. The second time the message appeared, tightening the cap did not help. This went on for approximately one week. I took the car to the service department and purchased a new gas cap. After one week, the same message appeared as well as the engine light notification. I took the car back to the dealer's service department. After an extensive examination of my car, it was determined that there was a leak in the purge valve. The part is available $35 - $65. Depending on the labor hours involved and the cost of labor, the least expensive could be $200 - $250. I had the valve replaced and, so far, there are no messages on my dashboard -
I screwed they as cap to the right until I heard 5 pops. The problem was resolved. -
I have changed the cap once and the engine light went out for a few months however it's on and off now. Very irritating! -
I have been having this problem since last year. My car wouldn't pass emission so I had to replace the 02 sensors. Problem went away until I took my car in for recall issues. Now I am the same problems again. I had a diagnostic done and was told that I needed to replace the gas cap. I replaced the cap yesterday and the message and the check engine light is still on. I hope after driving it awhile that it will go out. This is really FRUSTRATING!!!! -
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