Hummer H3 Problem Report

Hummer H3 Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Engine Light will not go off. It will read fuel cap every now & then. We have tighten the fuel cap and the light is still on. Not sure what to do. It is out of warrenty and I have no money -
my check engine light came on with fuel cap loose light -
Same issue, bought a replacement gas cap didn't fix it. I would notice the gas cap would get loose after driving a couple times. Replaced with a new factory cap from chevrolet. -
Engine light on, fuel cap light comes on after five miles of driving. Plug-in testing reveals unidentified vacuum leak. New cap for 30 bucks does not restore the loss of faith in a part that should last longer than five years. -
Check engine light is always on and my dash blinks fuel cap -
Check engine light comes on alot. Tighten gas cap and goes off in two days. Not fixed -
engine light keeps comming on ,change gas cap worked for 3 days back on again -
Driver information says gas cap loose and check engine light is on. Autozone checker says evaporative system or gas cap. -
The gas cap strap got wrapped under the cap after refueling causing the cap not to seal properly. This caused the check engine light to come on until the gas cap was sealed properly. -
Engine Light comes on...Disconnected battery to reset computer..goes off for a while 2 weeks, then returns, gas cap light comes on intermittently. Will replace gas cap and see what happens. -
Same issue....check engine light comes on over gas cap -
fuel light comes on at random times i have to constantly get out take it off and put it back on again -
Same problem! How do I fix it? -
Fuel cap light came on 4 days after gettng gas. Tightened cap and then check engine light came on. Tightened cap again and light will not go off. -
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If this continues come April I won't be able to pass inspection...PLEASE HELP
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Check engine light comes on for a short time and goes off. This happens at random.
My H3 literally stopped on me while driving. I pull over and while waiting for a ride, I try it...
We'll, I don't know how to describe the shake. All I know is that the car shakes to the point...