Pontiac Grand Am Problem Report

Pontiac Grand Am Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

(37 reports)

Illumination of the Check Engine Light may be the result of a loose or worn gas cap.

what do i do no matter how i turn gas cap engine light is on for evap sometimes it goes off -
light stays on i checked it autozone they said fuel cap i bought one an light is still on -
Service engine light on replaced evap valve re: code. Light reset. Came back on -
Had the check engine light come on and everything was okay with engine- read manual and it said it could come on because of the cap not sealing correctly. Bought a replacement and the light turned off after about 50 miles. -
What is the brand of fuel cap that worked? I can not locate a Genuine GM fuel cap. -
My car light still come on now. I have changed the fuel cap and it still come on every now and then. -
had to have the gas cap replaced numerous times was told if it had with the engine light to turn car off then restart it again -
new cap but STILL very hard to remove -
had same problem but after cap was replaced it hasn't been on -
Have replaced gas cap numerous times, -
engine light came on installed new gas cap reset car computer now it's fine. -
Everytime I dont turn my gas cap several times the check engine light will come on. -
failed emissions. new gas cap will fix it -
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