Audi A6 Problem Report

Audi A6 Check Engine Light Due to Faulty Torque Converter

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A problem with the torque converter can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

TCC stuck on or off, I have been told both by seperate places. Tech. is saying to replace both TCC and transmission. Is this necessary? He said he can see the oil, and its burnt, and he wants $6000 to do both TCC and rebuilt trans. What should I do? -
car drives good, no problems, put over 20000 mi on car, but check engine .light on most all of the time...what can i do to remedy this problem.? -
Check engine light states torque converter stuck in open position. Tranny shop said I should replace the tranny with a rebuilt one for $6000!!!! -
check engine light came on this morning have not had a chance to take it anywhere for diagnostice -
Never buy an AUDI - I will go into detail of all the problems but lets just say this - Audi A6 2010 In excess of $30,000 in problems!!!!!!! Gearbox, electrics, camshaft, water pump....these are just some of the big ones! Audi should be made accountable and be out of business!!!! -
No noticeable change in performance so ignored -
Check engine light came on while I was driving on a street that had major pot holes and poorly paved. I don't even know where to begin to find the soured w/o walking into a place and the auto shop seeing a female and money signs are in there heads. Now with that I took my car for a oil change at Midas usually I pay extra bc my car requires special oil, now they didn't and said it was synthetic blends and charged the regular oil change price. Now question being is that a possible cause? -
Same as described, engine light is on - dealer says that torque converter and/or clutch solenoid problem; quoted ~ $3500 just to take down the transmission and do preliminary repair diagnostics (ouch). -
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