Check engine light due to faulty EGR valve on Honda Odyssey

The V6 engine is prone to problems with the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve) which can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

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Average mileage: 128,477 (18,800–300,000)
10 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2012
47 people reported this problem
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2001 Honda Odyssey181,000
check engine and TCS light come on periodically. I had a hard time diagnosing because the lights would turn off before I could have someone read the code. finally they stayed and i took it to autozone to read the code. P0401 - EGR insufficient flow; probable cause: 1. faulty EGR valve, 2. blocked EGR passages in engine.
2000 Honda Odyssey300,000
My engine light and traction control stays on and no seems to know how to fix it.l have had the egr value change several times and the egr outlet Cleaned out.
My engine light has been on nearly all the 13 years I've owned this van. EGR valve has been replaced more than twice, cleaned several times, and the light always comes back on within a couple days after leaving the shop. It also goes off after the battery is changed/disconnected, but returns in a couple days. My Honda dealer can't explain it, and the van is running fine otherwise. I have 165k miles on it, and still get 24-25mpg on long trips, so I've learned to live with it.
i had the spark plugs r& R the EGR VALVE THE POWER STEERING PUMP DRIVE BELT. THE INTAKE MANIFOLD AND THE INTAKE GASKET WHICH RAN 705.56 THE PARTS WERE 237.50 AND I WAS DRIVING IT AND THE ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON, THE SECOND TIME LESS THAN 5 MILES FROM THE SPEED AWAY, SMOG, AND THEN I TOOK IT BACK THEY CHECKED IT AGAIN AND THEN THE SAME LIGHTS CAME ON, THE PULLED IT APART, AND CHECKED CLEANED IT AGAIN, AND PUT IT TOGETHER, AND THis time it was about 15 miles later, and it the check engine light came back on, when we returned from the dog park. the previous owner said he was also having trouble with the check engine light staying on, or kept coming on.
2005 Honda Odyssey135,000
I have a persistent Check Engine Light despite me changing the O2 Sensor. I was told it may be the cat converter but my mechanic seriously doubts it. It must be this darn EGR valve.
Check engine MIL on and DTC was EGR related. Had to remove and replace EGR valve and clean out dirty, clogged EGR passage way.
2001 Honda Odyssey140,000
Check Engine light due to ERG valve
2003 Honda Odyssey145,000
Check engine light - code read = EGR Valve, insufficient lift
Van seemed to have problem finding gear. Turned off car, turned it back on, tcs light and check engine light both came on.
2003 Honda Odyssey18,800
Ok what y'all need to do to fix this problem is this: look up this video on YouTube and it will show you how to fix the problem. 2002 Honda Odyssey EGR cleanout. It's not the actual EGR itself that is bad it is the carbon build up in the intake. It turned my engine light and tcs light off immediately. Let me know if it helped.
2003 Honda Odyssey185,000
This is the second time in about 2 years I have taken my Honda Odyssey 2003 for the check engine light but have taken it to various repair shops. First it was suppose to be an old gas cap and was replaced but just last month after a couple of years the check engine light came on again. So right now it is in the repair shop and waiting for what the mechanics would say.
2003 Honda Odyssey162,474
chek engine light on the computer read p0303,p0304,p0306,p0300, p 1399
2001 Honda Odyssey121,000
Tics light is on or off and engine light is on
2001 Honda Odyssey170,000
Check engine light off and on randomly...took to mechanics, all said nothing wrong. Engine cut out while driving, choppy at traffic lights, behaved as though it were running out of gas. Loud fast ticking sound under hood in driver side. Can't really hear it inside the van, but its obvious outside the van and VERY noticeable when lifting the hood. Still...No one would fix it. "Dont know what to do, sorry"..My husband and I are replacing the damn EGR ourselves.
2005 Honda Odyssey181,747
I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey that engine light keeps coming on and off and I have not got it fixed trying to figure out what it is
2001 Honda Odyssey35,000
Dealer drilled out EGR ports.
1999 Honda Odyssey80,900
Engine check light suddenly came on and stays all the time. I took the van to an auto-repair shop in Phoenix when I was there a few days ago. They told me it's the ERG issue and takes about 3 hours to fix. Now I'm back to Reno, I will bring it to be fixed in a few weeks.
2011 Honda Odyssey39,000
Bad EGR Valve Light on Dash Indicator. Dealer replacement cost Labor and Material - $370.00
Same issue. EGR valve causing check engine light and TCS light to come on.
I had to have the EGR valve replaced when the check engine light came on right before the NYS inspection.
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