Hyundai Sonata Problem Report

Hyundai Sonata Check Engine Light Due to Faulty Accelerator Pedal Position Switch

(53 reports)

Problems with the accelerator pedal position switch may cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate; an improved switch is available to fix this problem.

Pedal will be all the way down to the floor and still only going 20mph and creeping. Every now and then the transmission doesn't know what gear to be in so sometimes it doesn't go to first of 4th gear. -
I've been having the same problem with the accelerator pedal. I was driving on the parkway, going about 60 MPH, and suddenly the ESC OFF light came on and I couldn't get the car to go above 20 MPH. Very dangerous when driving on a crowded highway. I pulled off to the side and restarted the car. It happened several more times on my drive to work. Taking it to the dealer today. -
Car won't accelerate faster than 30 mph. Haven't had it fixed yet. -
while driving, the accelerator pedal suddenly stopped working and the 'check engine' light came on. the engine was still on at idle. i coasted to a stop, turned it off, and restarted. the accelerator started working, but the 'check engine' light is still on. not yet fixed. -
CEL and ESC light on codes were throttle position sensor. Dealer replaced sensor cost $148.00 total. -
While driving the engine malfunction and ESC lights came on and the car lost all power. I coasted to the side of the road and turned the car off, then on. The ESC light went off, but the malfunction light stayed on and continues to stay. The car seems to drive OK. -
the car wants to quit every time that we made a stop, and we run a diagnostic and the computer said that was the coil #1 that is wasn't working and also the cap of the gas wasn't good, so we change the coil for a new one, but keeps doing the same thing, also we change the spark plugs, and cables and it keeps doing the same thing, when we stop and want to continue the car startle an it feels that the vehicle is going to quit or when it start moving it fells like it doesn't want to run.. -
Had gas pedal replaced twice. This will be the third time. Car has only 38000 miles -
ESL light and check engine lights keep going on and off. -
Hasn't been fixed/. I have spent over $800.00 and techs have replace the entire fuel line, the intake valve where the gas tank is, and cannot figure out what is wrong and I have spent $200 in diagnostic fees as well. I am a female, so they start replacing the most expensive parts, and say that is it, and when it doesn't work the want me to spend another diagnostic fee of $120.00 to find something else. I cannot pass the inspection with light on and all they want me to do is keep spending money till they find the cause. I am fed up and hating this. My car has 224,545 miles on it. It has been a good car, but have had the Driver Visor fail, Starter replaced, and have to replace all the lights on car twice a year. -
I was told this had to do with the where the gas cap. -
Check Engine seems slow at initial acceleration. So maybe the problem. -
Engine light came on, loss of power, will not accelerate. Have not repaired yet. Dealership says cost will be about $500. -
Esc light comes on. Car looses power have to turn car of and back on then ok. Dealer says the whole engine needs to be changed. -
Check engine light came on; no acceleration; car would not go faster than 20mph; turned it off, waited a while, and it drove normally, but check engine light was still on. Have not had it repaired yet. -
check engine light comes on. Trouble code (p2135) No power, engine just idles. Turn off the ignition and back on it works fine. Check engine light stays lit for awhile then goes out. -
I was in stop and go traffic and could barely accelerate. After I turned the car off and on again it was fine. The ESC light and check engine light both came on. The check engine light remained on. I am being quoted $500 to replace the gas pedal. -
I have the same problem, ESC off light and check engine light come on. Engine won't accelerate, if you turn the car off then start it it'll run fine. Check engine light will stay on but will go off after awhile. I happened to be in rush hour traffic on I95 near Richmond VA when it happened once and couldn't get off or out of traffics way, very dangerous. Hyundai dealerships act stupid when they are asked about it. Very, very dangerous problem. -
I was stopped at a stop light and when I tried to accelerate as the light turned green, it felt like the engine lost power and made a little bit of a whirring noise with no acceleration. As this happened, the engine light came on. I turned the car on 3 times after the incident and the acceleration seemed to work fine each time (I was able to drive on the highway and everything, maybe by the grace of God)... but the check engine light never turned off. I went to my mechanic today to get a diagnosis. Apparently, it was the accelerator sensor. We called the dealer and they said I have to replace the entire pedal. Bummer. -
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