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Nissan Altima Check Engine Light Due to Catalytic Converter Failure

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The catalytic converter closest to the cylinder head can fail causing illumination of the Check Engine Light. Prompt repair of this problem is recommended because the catalyst material can be sucked into the engine and cause internal damage.

Check Engine light is ON, Troubleshooting code P0420, Definition: Catalyst system efficiency below threshold- bank 1 probable cause: Large vacuum leak. Fuel System Fault. Ignition System fault. Failed Bank 1 Catalytic converter. Need advice of what should I fix first? thanks -
My engine light has been on for 2 years. I have had things replaced and still the engine light is on. I need to get my tags this month and my car will not pass inspection with the engine light on. I never buy another nissan!!! Ty -
Service engine light came on, took to a shop who hooked up the diagnostic tool and it said it was the catalytic converter. Have to replace total cost 660.00 -
Check engine light came on last week and took car to dealer the next day. They checked and said that they would have to order part, waiting on call to see if it came in. Well, part finally came in and I took car to local Nissan dealer. Took the tech about two hours to change the converter and while he was at it also replaced master cyl under TSB that I didn't know about. I noticed a vast improvement while leaving the dealership as far as pep. I took the car for a long test drive and noticed more than a 4 mpg difference. Best of all, it didn't cost me a cent! -
Service Engine Soon light came on. Took to AutoZone for diagnostic. P0420 error. Currently seeking estimates for repair. -
Getting a service engine soon light and code says to replace catalytic converter -
I was told the same problem but I don't know who to trust. Where should I take it? -
check engine soon light came on. They said it was 1 of 4 things. Large vacuum leak, fuel system fault, ignition system fault and failed bank 1 catalytic converter. -
Check engine light went on. I took the car for a code check and it came up with the code in this article -
My check engine light came on and the auto mechanic said it is the Catalytic Converter Closest to the Cylinder Head needs to be replaced. I had a new one put on. -
Had Engine code P0300. Investigated problem. Found coil packs that go to spark plugs not seated tight enough to wiring harness. Used plastic tie straps to hold coil packs tight to wiring harness. Check engine light has been out for 3 weeks now. -
check engine light code was identified as the front catalytic converter by a third party. We took the car to the dealer. Found out there is a service bulletin dated 2009. they will verify on Wed. If cat. is found to be defective dealer will repair at nissan expense. -
Engine light on. Catalytic converter. -
Service engine light came turned on a Monday so I went to several shops to have it diagnosed code error came out to be the catalytic converter. Surprisingly the light went away on its own in Wednesday. During this time my inspection was due so I immediately went to have it done and it passed. All I can pray now is that it was some kind of misfire and the light doesn't return and end up paying $1200 -
check engine light due to faliure of cataytic converter closet to cylinde head. and now shows crank shaft and speed sensor. -
Check engine light goes on for a few days and then goes off for a few weeks. Had check engine light checked while on. Said it was a malfunctioning catalytic converter. -
My light on my car -
Had multiple codes when my engine light came on. Including the catalytic converter code. Turned out my battery was bad and replacing it cleared most of the errors. Shop repaired the rest. But < 100 miles later the light was back on and it was the catalyst system code again -
went to Tires Plus for quote to fix a Code 420.....they suggested that I do diagnostic test to make, Im looking to purchase the catalytic converter to save on having it replace, the labor seems to bit a lot higher than what I wanna pay -
I replaced my can/ crankshaft position sensors,and I had a diagnostic done when the engine light came back on and it showed that my catalayic converter causing it to come on and its doing the same thing as before when I found out it was my sensors and my catalayic conveter. I was wondering if there's a recall on the catalayic converter too. Thanks Melissa -
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