Lexus ES300 Problem Report

Lexus ES300 Check Engine Light Due to Failed Oxygen Sensor

(60 reports)

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because a component of the oxygen sensor stops working. As a result the engine computer is unable to determine the proper ratio of air to fuel for the engine. Replacing the failed oxygen sensor should correct this concern.

Check Engine Light due to oxygen sensor 1, bank 1. Ordered original factory part for $180 and replaced it in 30 min. -
burning n smelling of fuel n oxegine lot of smoke n car is cutting out when idling -
Light came on, brought to mechanic and was put on diagnostic machine, cost $95 was told it needs a new gas cap $35 and the next same the light came back on. Has been on mostly, sometimes goes off, but rarely -
Check Engine Light on -
was dignosed as bad ox sensor. Car has three of them. Changed the one at exhaust manifold. Solved problem. -
CEL from rear O2 sensor. Replaced sensor, canceled code, problem fixed. NOTE. almost any CEL on the 2000 300ES will be accompanied by a "traction control off" light. That is a design feature to protect the traction control system. One the 0-2 sensor is replaced and codes canceled, traction control light will go out as well. -
check engine light for oxygen sensor. I don't know exactly how to fix it -
check engine line on due to failure of one of threee oxygen sensors. -
My car started dying on me about every 20 to 25 minutes. Then I let it sit for 45 minutes and it starts up like it never had a problem and then does the same thing again. I thought maybe it was the igniter but I got a used one From the junk yard and it did no solve the problem.... any ideas? -
Purchased new O2 Sensor but old one is seized on and cannot remove it. Have tried EVERYTHING! -
1996 Honda Accord Ex need to pass smog engine light on on get a P0141 code diagnostic mode 3 -
haven't been fix yet how to and where do I find it -
the oxygen sensors had been replaced, but the #3 sensor had been replaced with a #2. Had to have #3 replaced with correct sensor. -
Had dealer reset the check engine light. Ordered replacement parts going to try DIY Wish me luck! -
Check engine light came on, both sensors went bad. Replaced with OEM sensors. -
First my check engine light came on so read the coad it said O2 sensor 2 out of 3 got bed so replaced the 2 and drive car for month or so and light came on again so this time it was third sensor so replaced it. light was reseted and then after a week later check engine light came on again. Now i am really tired any help on this concer will be really helpfull. -
my check engine light keeps coming on and off and the abs light is on how much will it cost to get fixed -
Five years ago, my sensor component failed. The problem was never corrected because I was told by the dealer this problem would not harm the engine. -
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