Ford Expedition Problem Report

Ford Expedition Check Engine Light Due to Failed MAF Sensor

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The mass air flow sensor (MAF) may fail resulting in a rough engine idle, hesitation on acceleration, and/or engine stalling. The Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate. A failed mass air flow sensor will require replacement.

Rough idle/check engine light/ told to clean with MAF spray - Auto Zone -
engine sluggish at speeds of 45-55 mph and check engine light on and blinkls constantly. -
Hesitation on acceleration -
Check engine (service engine soon)light with rough idle at times. I have been able to get the light to reset by disconnecting negative battery cable to see if it would come back. Took a week for it to show back up the first time. Went to Auto Zone and pulled code. 171 and 174 I think. Do not remember the numbers but the employee said Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF). $100 for replacement. Had to order. In mean time several videos on you tube. Looks pretty easy and much cheaper than taking it to a shop. -
Not yet fixed. Newest code. -
Code 171 & 174; rough/high idle; not yet fixed. -
need to reaplace air fiow mettersensor -
engine light -
Replaced the MAF, as the codes said, still runs bad -
Rough idling/accelerated hesation -
My fan clutch starts to wobble and touch cover over the fan itself. -
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