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Volvo S60 Check Engine Light Due to Failed MAF Sensor

Volvo S60 Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Average Mileage: 101,916 mi (94,500 mi - 109,000 mi)


The MAF sensors are prone to failing and turning on the Check Engine Light.

  • Visitor, , 107,000 mi

    Check engine light came on 4 months ago followed by "stalling/jumping" symptoms", diagnosed as MAF Sensor, we bought a new one and replaced it. Weeks later, same thing. Took to dealership again, they said the engine/computer should have been reset after putting in MAFS, reset it. A few weeks later, same thing, Volvo said it was a bad MAF Sensor again. Bought a new one through Volvo, replaced, and now check engine light on again after one week and same symptoms occurring.

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  • FLMudshark, , 109,000 mi

    Hard to start and very rough idle until rolling about 10 MPH. Prone to stalling. Trouble code for MAF and fuel balance right bank (didn't know I had a right bank!). Replaced MAF and had code cleared. No problems for 24 hours. Same symptoms and MAF code reappeared. Replaced MAF again (warranty). Less than 24 hours and ten miles later, same issue, same code. Help!!!

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  • Visitor, , 102,000 mi

    Same problem

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  • JTnCT, , 94,500 mi

    Just had a tech check out why my "check engine light" came on, he said it was a faulty MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor). Had it replaced for around $300 bucks for an OEM Volvo Sensor.

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