Nissan Pathfinder Problem Report

Nissan Pathfinder Check Engine Light Due to Failed Intake Valve Timing Sensor

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The Check Engine Light may illuminate because the sensor that monitors the engine's intake valve timing stops working (Intake Valve Timing Control Position Sensor). Replacement of the failed sensor will commonly correct this problem.

hi i have the ssame problem in my nissan pathfinder 2002, but i want to know where is the location for this sensor thank you -
Engine service light came up and I took the car to the dealership. The sensor was changed and the problem resolved. -
engine light due to intake timing sensor -
didnt fix it, i am just driving it -
Check engine light has been on for 2 years. I have kept driving it and periodically it will go off. I have been told it may be something in the vacuum system or something. -
check engine light does not go off -
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