Volkswagen Jetta Problem Report

Volkswagen Jetta Check Engine Light Due to Dirty/Failed Throttle Body

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A dirty or failed throttle body can cause various drivability issues and illumination of the Check Engine Light.

Just had the throttle body replaced for about $500. Now, 2 months later, acceleration is gone once again and I have to have it towed back to the shop. ABS and traction control lights have been on constantly since the first repair, as well as the brake light flashing once the parking brake is disengaged. Speedometer works intermittently, and when it is not working the fuel gauge goes to E every time I make a turn or accelerate hard. Now, in addition, all internal and external lights flicker since the most recent acceleration failure. I'm so upside down in this thing since its value plummetted right after I bought it that I can't get out! What next? -
Cleaning throttle body didn't help - had to replace whole unit. Part + Labor was about $600 -
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My light came on after I filed up the tank, the code says o2 sensor? Is that accurate?