Scion xB Problem Report

Scion xB Check Engine Light Due to Defective VVT-i Controller

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An illuminated Check Engine Light could be caused by a defective VVT-i controller, which changes cam timing for optimal power.  Updated parts are available and the repair may be covered under the powertrain warranty.

Check engine light, my traction light, and the 'VSC off' light is on. Car is stock. Driver (me) is PISSED. I haven't ran the codes on it yet ( I work for Hyundai and drive a toyota hahaa so I cant take it there) and I need to know what this means and how much this is gonna cost me. I can't seem to find that out online. Thanks. -
Check Engine light (which also causes traction off) caused by bad cam pulley. The oil-pressure-activated variable cam timing mechanism failed. Fixed by replacing the cam pulley. -
check engine light comes on and stays on until the dealers service man does something under the dash or hood and it goes out. Takes about 1 to 2 min. to fix..... -
This has been an ongoing problem since the 50,000 mile mark. I have been advised that this is caused by an automatic sensor and told not to worry just to reset. It come on and goes aft all the time. -
Nothing was done and all of a sudden last night after we left familys driveway to go home from thanksgiving dinner VSC light Trac Off light and Check Engine Light came on trying to troubleshoot the problem before spending money on the box. Any ideas it's my boyfriends car and i work at a dealership they told me to unplug the battery for 5 mins plug it back in and then if it comes back on get the codes to find the problem. I hear alot about sparkplugs and 02 sensors gas caps seems like it could be a menagerie of things hope someone has a clue to help. -
I have this as well - been quoted $1422 to fix. told that if I just leave it, it will disintegrate and damage the engine. Any ideas if this cost is reasonable or the risk of damage is true? -
My Scion XB has had the same peroblem since the last factory tune waas due. I do not take my car to the dealership to be checked out. THe solution is with the gas tank and all you have to do is rest the lights on the dash. My Scion XB now has 176,000 miles on it and the light always come on when I fill the tank, I reset the lights and they go off. I have been told by my Mechanic unless the check engine light comes on alone and stays on to ignore these lights. I have and no problems since purchasing the car in 2006. -
Car is overheating I want to know how to repair it -
is there any recalls for engines for 2009 Scion xB -
going to the dealer tomorrow; engine light and trac light on -
I had the check light engine malfunction issue 4 years after purchase- it took 200.00 to diagnose and estimate of over a grand to fix. I clear the codes and run through emissions when due. avoid the cost of the fix -
Abs light Trac light brake light Trac light -
check engine light is on the code that come on poo12 how much does it cost -
havent fixed yet but i will take to school and scan tool it soon. vvt-i,huh?we will see. -
Just had Scion dealer check engine,vsc,trac lights. vvti was diagnosed. $244 for part.$499 total. -
VSC Track off Check engine Code is P0012 -
looks lie cam pully is on a tsb -
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