Check engine light does NOT come on AND car cutting off on 1997 Nissan Sentra

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I have a 1997 Nissan Sentra and the check engine light will NOT come on. Sometimes the other indicator lights work, sometimes none of them work. Any help ont his would be appreciated since it will not pass inspection for NC without the check engine light working properly.

Also, my husband was driving the car the other day. He stopped at a stop sign and the accelerator got stuck, reved the engine on its own, then cut off. He cranked it up and it was fine. Well, today she was driving it again and the car started loosing power around 45 mph then cut off. The engine is NOT knocking, has 124,000 original miles. No noises heard. After a few tries, it cranked back up and he was able to drive it home. Any ideas?!

It was checked and he does not remember what the code said, but it said something about air flow and spark plugs.

Thanks so much in advance!
(2) Answers
Possibly the bulb for the check engine light needs replacement as it should light when the key is in the on position
es posible que no le este llegando coriente ala computadora lo que pudo aver pasado es que al gun cable este roto o algun fusible o un re-light no este trabajando pruebe con los fusible primero y luego con los re light y sino cheque los cables pueda que ALGUNO ESTE ROTO