2000 Mazda 626 Q&A

2000 Mazda 626 Question: Check Engine light--diagnostic code says "Catalytic Converter"

Light was intermittently going on and off but is now on all the time. What does a shop do to determine: a) if the converter is failed; b) which converter (front or rear) is failed; c) what precipitated the failure? Is this something any good shop can do or is a specialist required? -
Answer 1
Hi, we have all the equipment to diag your problem, try us http://repairpal.com/broadway-auto-body-and-repair-llc Anyone who thinks that a Tech can resolve your issue without a physical diagnostic is highly mistaken. People/Tech who take time out of their day to answer questions helpfully do not deserve a thumbs down. SORRY WE COULDNT RESOLVE YOUR ISSUE OVER ONE E-MAIL. -
Answer 2
Hello I have the same issue right now I have the 2.0 I got the code checked said bank 1 on the cat was bad So went to autozone and the worker told me to go out at dark drive it and park and take a light and look underneath It and if u see a red ish color than the cat is clogged or is going bad This is just one of the common issues with the 626 Other 626 issues Seats belts Air bags 2.5 v6 head gasket issues Transmisson issues Is the big one Etc -