Check engine light - dealer says it's nothing on 2003 Volkswagen Jetta

My check engine light has been on consistantly now for about 2 years. Prior to that it was an intermittent issue. Any one else having this problem?

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"Dealer says its nothing" is a bunch of hooey. That light is on for a reason and could potentially causing problems that may rear its ugly head anytime. Seek a second opinion from a shop that specializes in import and/or VW vehicles.
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I was having this problem too. Dealer checked the code 2 years ago and it said it was the cat converter. They did an inspection and found nothing wrong. They rest the code and within 2 weeks it was back on. During my last VA safety inspection (which apparently you won't pass if the check engine light is on) they said it was the same code again. There is apparently an extended warranty / recall on the cat and they replaced it for free. I took it to Lindsay VW in Sterling/Herndon off of rte. 28.