check engine light--comes on automatically at 75k, a shop told me--also true at 150k? on 1993 Suzuki Sidekick

I was told when the check engine light came on suddenly 8 yrs ago that Suzuki's were programmed/set to do so, to remind you of 75k maintenance, which I had already done at 50k. (I have taken REALLY good care of my Sidekick, and it has been a really good car, want to keep til it falls apart. But last few years some repairs in the 400-600 range, about one of those per year, incl tune-ups and so on.) Well, the light popped on again and I noticed it shortly after 150k miles. Coincidentally I had just had the exhaust pipes all replaced and the AC recharged. Thanks! May be ready to sell this car b/c I really need a 4WD for winter here--lots of ice storms.

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There is a maintainence light will automatically come on at 50, 80 and 100,000miles. The reset for this is under the dash it is a switch that is moved in the opposite direction as it is presently on when the light illuminates. The switch is under the dash to the right of the steering column.
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check engine light is never automatic. it indicaes a problem with fuel control.
take it to another shop that understands what the light means.