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2009 Chevrolet Malibu Question: Check engine light comes on and warnings "service ESC and traction control off"

When my car is idling for a few minutes these will come on. I took it to autozone and they said there was only one code, "Cylinder 2 misfire". This has happened before and before I could get the code read the check engine light turned off, so it had stayed on about a day and a half. Also, it seems that at least the traction control is still working. Is this anything to worry about and what would I do to check this? Thank you in advance. -
Answer 1
the cylinder 2 misfire is causing your check engine light to come on -
Answer 2
Autozone will not be able to retreive ESC codes. They only can retreive Generic OB2 codes concerning emmision codes. The P0302 code is not related to the ESC light -