Check Engine Light Codes on 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

Check engine light codes BBEVAP, BB1 Purge or vent solenoids defective, BB2 Check connector and wiring BB3 Fule saturated vapor cannister, BB4 Failed EVAP vent solenoid. Is there a connection I should check first before taking the vehicle to the shop? It runs fine; seems to be no problem

by in Edgewood, NM on June 04, 2009
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ANSWER by on June 05, 2009
The codes you are giving "BB1, BB2, BB3..." are in formats I am not familiar with. The common format would be P04XX where the number 4 relates to the evap system and XX are the last to digits of the fault code. Does your code reader supply any codes in the P0XXX format? From what you have written so far it looks as though you may have a problem with the evap system vent solenoid.
COMMENT by on February 22, 2011
how do I fix this?
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