check engine light code is p0700 and my brake light do not work' on 2007 Jeep Compass

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does the code have to do with the brake lights to and my automatic shifter stopped working so i have to use the white lever to get the car into gear
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Look in owners manual for fuse location and function!!!
Then check the stoplight fuse.
All the fuses have been checked and they all are good and working.
WELL,,, i guess you need to replace the stop light switch!
I am on my second brake light switch i changed it just in case the first one was bad. Thank you for helping.
Battery voltage on both sides of the switch with brake pedal pushed?? Post this test results.
just wanted to say thank you for your help i got my car fixed i had to take it to a repair shop and have it put on the dino tester. I had a wire that go curroted between the fuse box and the brake light switch. My brake lights are working and when i press down on my brake the shifter work also.
COOL! dino tester?????