2007 Lexus ES350 Q&A

2007 Lexus ES350 Question: check engine light, check vsc, and traction light

the car is running rough and the check engine light, check vsc, and traction light are on...the car has 55k miles -
Answer 1
Time for a visit to your dealer or a reputable service shop for a diagnostic check to find out what these problems are. -
Answer 2
I was in a hurry and put mine in gear or so I thought. I was geared between S and D. This caused all the same lights to come on. I got a U0101 code and had it diagnosed at Valvoline. It simply lost communication with the Transmission control module. Had the code cleared... no more issues. PS was free to have code cleared. I knew when it happened and noticed the gear mistake immediately when the lights came on. -
Answer 3
needs an ignition coil. there are 6 in this car. one over each spark plug. can have the dealer install and replace this component for about 250 $ -
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