2003 Honda Element Q&A

2003 Honda Element Question: Check Engine Light caused by Low Oil?

I let my oil get very low.. the check engine light came on.. is this the reason. I filled the oil and the light is still on. no performance issues with car, but should I stop driving . I need to get home.. 145 miles.. thanks for help. -
Answer 1
Low oil can cause a check engine light but the only way to find out is to see what the diagnostic code is and what it relates to. Without knowing what the issue is it's difficult to make a call on driving the car. -
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i got a diagnostic. here is what it says: Definition: aaVTEC oil pressure switch circuit low voltage Probable Cause: aa1: Check engine oil level and pressure aa2: Open or short circuit co...
the engine light came on and the car sputters and looses power when you try to accelerate