check engine light came on while driving on 2005 Infiniti QX56

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I was driving along when the service engine soon light came on which is the check engine light. i hooked my code reader up to it and it said something like 1000 dtc.i cleared the light and it stayed off.what does thiscode mean?
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Code P1000 indicates that the computer detects that all the "readiness" tests have not been met. This could be because the thermostat is failing and the engine's not fully warming up. I don't know why the light would come on for that code unless it was a persistent problem. I'd check that the engine comes up quickly to full running temperature and stays up before I check anything else. There are other reasons for P1000 to appear so don't make assumptions. If the thermostat checks out OK then you may want to consult an Infiniti specialist.
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