Check engine light came on. Should I be concerned? on 2005 Mazda RX-8

After allowing the car to idle for a while the check engine light came on and now is on every time I drive the car. The car has @44000.00 miles on it. Can I still drive it?

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yes, seek to diagnose it and bring it to your local autozone or parts store
scan codes and post so we can adv
I have the same problem, autozone error response was "torque reduction message from HVAC -switch signal" I am hoping that is something that a handyman or handy"woman" can fix.??? Troubleshooting P2259, but below that on the print out it says "OEM Brand: the tech an idiot and put in the wrong car type?? Is this the actual correct error code? hmm
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This could be very simple problem- even bad fuel cap. Problem is when you leave on you never know if you have another problem cuz your used to seeing on all the time. Other thing is if you have emissions tests in your area will fail.