check engine light came on first time on 2006 Kia Amanti

Have a 2006 kia amanti with 59,000 miles. Two weeks ago I had the timing belt and both serpentine belts (routinely replaced. Today I was on the freeway when the check engine light came on for the first time. When I got off I noticed a very rough idle and a tendency to lurch forward. Car does not run right. What could it be?

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Hey Darryl,
There are many possibilities with this type of complaint, and guessing without a little more info is not going to be helpful. If you can get the diagnostic codes that are stored in the engine control module and post them, I can bet you a much better idea as to what is happening. You may be able to get the codes read for free at a parts store, just don't let them sell you any parts in an attempt to fix this before doing a little research.