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2006 Hyundai Accent Question: check engine light blinking

my check engine light is blinking and i hooked a code reader OBDII compiant up to my car but there was no codes. i was wondering if my catalytic converter might be clogged up. if so does anyone know how to check it. car has no power -
Answer 1
i would start with plugs, wires and coils. it sounds like you have an engine missfire.'' the cat may have damage if you drove it for a while in that condition but that is something you need a shop to check for you. thanks for using repairpal Roy -
Comment 1
I already changed the spark plugs, they were well worn, the car idles better but still rough and no accleration. that is when i used the code reader. the reader said there was no recorded misfire -
Comment 2
good start. it could still be a coil or a wire. the code reader will never identify a bad part just a failed system. in your case, you had a miss on whichever cylinder that the code identified. that means it could be no compression, bad plug, bad wire or injector failure. thats why we do real diags instead of throwing parts at it. you got off to a good start with the plugs, now you need to see if there is any spark getting to the plug itself. Roy -
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