check engine light and VSC light on,whats the cause? on 2002 Toyota Highlander

Both the check engine and VSC lights came on,VCS is that traction control? at the time also, my battery failed (it would not even take a charge) I put in a new battery and the two lights did not come on. About 3 weeks later with every thing working and running fine the lights are back on. Is it a coinsadence that the two lights come on at the same time? did it have anything to do with a low battery? Amperage?I'm baffled, does any one have an idea?

by in Amherst, MA on September 14, 2011
3 answers
ANSWER by on September 14, 2011
go to autozone or pepboys and get a free code pull and get back to us with the numbers so we can further assist you. Roy
ANSWER by on September 14, 2011
you need to check out the code first and then you can narrow down your car problem. For your car you can us the PS701 JP Scanner code reader to check out the code, or you can take your car to the auto zone to have a check, and they will tell you how to fix it.
ANSWER by on September 14, 2011
Don't be worried that because several warning lights are on that there are several problems. Many sensors are shared between the engine and transmission control, and the traction control and anti lock brake circuit. One sensor failure can cause several systems to fail, or appear to fail. A scan tool is needed to retrieve these codes in your car. It may be coincidental that these lights came on after recent work.
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